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Enfield Flying Club, one of the oldest and longest established model flying clubs in the UK.  We are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (formerly the Society of Model Aeronautical engineers).

The club has been established for more than 70 years, thus we have a considerable number of experienced model flyers who are happy to assist the new and aspiring flyers. 'Because we are an old club some of our more 'senior' members have either hung up their goggles or indeed are now flying with the Big bloke upstairs and his Angels/no he hasn't got the Sebart model........We now have room for new members at our already very un crowded sites.' Would you like to try out our club?

Unlike other clubs, we fly from 3 separate sites, 2 in Enfield and 1 in Chingford so we have more uncluttered fields than most clubs. You will be able to fly electric or ic fixed wing, parkfly and flat field soarers/gliders as well.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. We have some of the lowest membership fees anywhere near London with none of the daft rules to annoy you that other clubs seem to relish.

If you are interested in hearing more then turn up to our monthly club meetings in our private room at The Sultan in Sewardstone Road Waltham Abbey (every third Wednesday, starting at 8.00pm).

Wives, Girlfriends, Partners etc.

Fed up with that lump sat on sofa drinking and drooling all weekend?
Fed up wondering where he is? What he's up to and more importantly WHO WITH?
Fed up with him wasting money in pub, betting shop, goodness knows what?

Well bring him along one day and if he's not dead from the neck up and he'll want to play with a load of other silly boys who never quite grew up either doing something (fairly) harmless. If/when money does become 'unaccounted for' at least you'll know he doesn't have another woman/he might refer to it as 'she' though....

And who knows you may even get bitten by the bug yourselves.

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